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Why is LinguaDent different to other translation agencies?

In contrast with other translation agencies, our translators are full or part-time dentists and dental technicians. This means they know their way around and understand the text much better than conventional translators, who are qualified in the language but not in the dental content and specialist terminology. To ensure that our co-workers not only master their specialism but also their language correctly and elegantly, their translations are proofread initially over a trial period lasting several months and also later at regular intervals.

What happens to my enquiry/order when it reaches LinguaDent?

Your enquiry goes directly to the Managing Director Richard Giles, who then contacts you to clarify your requirements and expectations exactly and make you a non-binding offer as accurately as possible. Assuming you are in agreement with the offer, he passes your order on to the most suitable translator, who will process it as quickly as possible.

To help us understand and translate your text perfectly we will occasionally ask you for information regarding the context or inconsistencies in the source text. Source texts have often profited from this process.

As soon as your order has been processed, it is sent to you or the contact person you have named. All information is of course treated with confidentiality.


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