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About us

LinguaDent was founded in 2003 by Richard Giles to provide specialist translations for the German dental market in what were at the time the eight most popular European languages. While he translated into English, 15 freelance translators, all also native speakers and dental professionals resident in their home countries, translated into the other languages.

Due to rapid globalisation of the dental sector and the continuing high quality of our translations the demand in the past ten years has increased to the extent that we now provide translations in 17 European languages and also Chinese. The number of our freelance co-workers, who we still select according to the same criteria, has now increased to about 30.

Managing Director Richard Giles

Richard Giles was born and raised in England and worked for 12 years as a dental technician and training instructor, initially in England and latterly in Germany. He was then manager and translator with Reule-Giles Dental Service and in this time founded dental-dictionary.com, an online dental dictionary and compendium with over 16,000 terms and definitions, which is now also used as an app by over 3000 users. After leaving employment with Reule-Giles Dental Service, he founded LinguaDent and can therefore look back at over 25 years of experience as a specialist translator (German - English) in the dental medicine and technology sectors.



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